La Bastide is a French Australian company dedicated to the trade and promotion of French food & wine products in Asia-Pacific. They are the representative for La Belle Chaurienne (traditional French food), Les Salins du Midi (salt), Procanar (duck products & foie gras), Chateau Veyran (wine), Domaine Bellegarde (wine).

Our Products



Saucisson is one of the most important elements of the French culture, such as bread, wine, and cheese...


Foie Gras

Semi-cooked duck foie gras from ''Mulard'' ducks, the traditional breed for Foie Gras. South West of France is the land of the "French...

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‘’How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?’’… French President General de Gaulle said in 1962.



The Cassoulet is a famous French dish native from the Southwest of France, named after its traditional cooking vessel, the ''cassole''...


Pâtés & terrines

Pâté and terrine are a mix of finely chopped pieces of meat (like duck, porc, wild boar, chicken…), vegetables, herbs...


Viande des Grisons

Viande des Grisons is a speciality from the Alps. It could be described as an air dried beef or a beef prosciutto...