Bar H

Restaurant H

Chef: Hamish Ingham


Quenelles of chicken liver pate, shaved foie gras

Dinner party for 8 people



Organic chicken liver              500g

Butter:                                                  250g

Echalottes (sliced)                   200g

Zest of one orange

Thyme and rosemary              ¼ bunch

Garlic                                      1 clove

Star anise                                2

Brandy                                     500ml

Red wine                                 200ml

Allspice                                                one pinch




Put all ingredients in a pot except chicken liver and butter, reduce until dry

Sear the chicken liver to medium rare

Coll down, when all ingredients reach room temperature blend all together

Pass in a drumsieve

Pour in a flat tray up to 1 inch thick, clarified butter on top



Fresh water cress, olive oil, onion and sour cherry jam, quenelles of chicken liver pate, shaved foie gras on the top