‘’How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?’’… French President General de Gaulle said in 1962.

The outstanding range of different cheeses available in France is one of the widest worldwide. There are hundreds of them, in any location, for any taste and every palate. From Normandy to the Alps, from Alsace to Provence, every region of France is represented by a specialty cheese style. Are you looking for a creamy Camembert, an ash covered Sainte Maure de Touraine, Ossau Iraty from Pays Basque, Beaufort from the Alps… we’ve got them !

But how could we get over here the sweet taste of French cheeses directly at our Australian doorstep ? This is exactly what La Bastide was trying to fix…

Thanks to our partner, you have now  the opportunity to order from a comprehensive range of French cheeses directly from France and online*. provides you with the freshness and authenticity of French quality cheeses within 3 days to your address of choice. What could be better than a piece of “Saint Nectaire” to accompany your glass of wine and a few slices of Saucisson “La Bastide” ?

Thanks to that amazing partnership, we will bring France straight to your plate.

So, don’t miss that “FORMIDABLE” occasion and order online.

* this service is only available for Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. These products are not for resale. Non-commercial use only.