La Bastide is the new venture of Saucisson Australia and, whose first aim was to deliver to the community what is now thought to be “the most authentic saucisson in the country (Gourmet Traveller).

Saucisson is one of the most important elements of the French culture, such as bread, wine, and cheese. As far as I remember, we always had some Saucisson at home since I was a child; this is the way we, French, are brought up, no matter what part of France you are from. The perfect match: some Saucisson on a wood chopping board, some bread and a glass of wine.

Et voila! The curse of happiness has never been simpler. And this is the way it has always been. Traditionally, every farm in the countryside used to make its own production in wintertime for the year to come. Pork meat, minced, seasoned and stuffed into natural casing. We let the Saucissons aging for many weeks, slowly, until they will be ready. Then you can easily keep them much longer, depending on the temperature, humidity, and the way you will store them; but a real Saucisson doesn’t last that long, as you can’t resist: fifteen minutes is the average lifetime for a good one. It’s all about sharing, culture, and happiness.

Bon appétit!

A standard Saucisson is about 15-20cm long for an average weight of 250-300g